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Posted by RaShawn Holly on Friday, October 9, 2015
Special Reporter
Tabatha C Rexach
 “As Trump takes office, He still faces questions about conflicts of interest” states the headline from NPR. What is painfully obvious is that his words conflict with his statements, but it is amazing that the majority of the News Media are so determined to sound polite, diplomatic, and what can only be perceived as an attempt to be, what they believe is civilized, in the face of rude, childish, and dictator attacks from Trump in a tone that never is passive aggressive. By being so civil and unabashed in rebuffs of his blatant biased and subversive remarks simply gives him the opportunity to continue to pummel everyone, including all of Washington DC with more vigor, that the core of his followers, and potential followers that are not schooled in how Adolph Hitler began, with the same kind of speeches that appealed to the those that felt and in some way were disenfranchised in Germany.

  Historians know that his kind of rhetoric and subversive propaganda is exactly how Hitler started his campaign. It can be argued that journalist that are familiar with kind of banter that Donald Trump constantly uses is not reminiscent of the speakers of the Klu Klux Klan.

  He spoke the inflaming words suggesting that Washington has inflicted "Carnage" on the working or under employed American people. Hitler said the same things! 

  By promising jobs, bigger military, that I might add, will be at his command, is so identical to every successful dictator history has ever known. Our media and reporters have become so docile, and tolerantly professional, they are non-passionately, stepping aside when it comes to telling a unsuspecting American public that if a leader walks like a goose, and talks like a goose, he’s most likely a dictator. ~ Stefan Lambert  
He said "..Their successes have not been your successes"
Later he said at the Capital  "..we're all good people"
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Oprah Winfrey should not be laughing.